Angela Davis

Free Angela Davis - I remember seeing 1970s posters distributed all over my university campus raising awareness of the campaign to free the African American activist from the prison where she was being held because she’d purchased the gun that had killed a Californian judge. She was not present at the killing and was eventually … Continue reading Angela Davis


When Black is Not the Only Colour

My article When Black is Not the Only Colour appeared in Open Democracy on 20th February 2017.  It's an account of being too Black for the adoption agencies but not Black enough for the political campaigners.


When Rosa Parks sat down in the ‘white’ part of an Alabaman bus in 1955 she laid the groundwork for the civil rights movement in the US. Just three years later, Richard and Mildred Loving flouted the ban on interracial marriages in Virginia where they lived, marrying in Washington DC where such marriages were legal. … Continue reading Loving