Chasing Ghosts

book-cover-wordpressAll her life Kamila had wanted to find her birth family.  She hoped that retirement would give her the much needed time but a prognosis of incurable cancer put paid to that.  They say that curiosity kills the cat but not in Kamila’s case – it keeps her alive.  As her own future shuts down, the past, that she had half-heartedly researched until she realised that death is imminent, begins to open up.  She discovers that her parents come from Switzerland and India.  And that’s just the beginning.

This is the story of one woman’s quest for her origins – and some of the unexpected insights that lit up her path.

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Tangled Roots


A shockingly honest, funny and heart-breaking collection of memoirs revealing the human dramas behind the phenomenal success of ‘mixed Britannia’.

Kamila’s story, The Search, tells us about her experience with adoption counsellors, who hid her own adoption file from her for fear it might upset her.  She manages to wangle the names of her birth parents which confirm her Swiss and Indian origins.  So begins her journey.

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