Race for Borneo


Sunda Pangolin

I’m an avid supporter of the World Land Trust which protects endangered flora and fauna by purchasing land to provide important habitats and wildlife corridors.  Land is key to the survival of endangered species.

Three years ago the WLT featured me in a lovely video, filmed in one of my favourite places, Southwold. The video informs people how to leave a legacy, however small, to the charity. I have a limited lifespan and have willed over half my estate to the WLT. I can enjoy my North London flat and wildlife garden now in the knowledge that its sale will be put to good use by the WLT in the future. Do please watch my film.

Other people, more famous than I, support the WLT big time, among them Steve Backshall, TV wildlife presenter and his wife Helen, Olympic Champion rower.  Setting off on Easter Saturday evening Helen and Steve kayaked through the night on the Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race, a distance of 125 miles.  They successfully reached the Houses of Parliament on Easter Sunday, less than 24 hours later. Steve also completed the race two years ago, raising £50,000 for the WLT.

This year they aim to raise £100,000 towards WLT’s appeal to save land in Borneo, on the banks of the River Kinabatangan.  This area connects the Keruak Forest Reserve with part of the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, providing an important wildlife corridor for Pygmy Elephants, Bornean Orang-utans, Proboscis Monkeys and Sunda Pangolins.


River Kinabatangan

Now here’s a Challenge.  I will match any donations given to the Saving Kinabatangan Borneo Appeal as a result of reading my post – up to £1000. Donate here and please leave a message that you’ve done so on the Donations page and also leave me a comment below so I know to check the amount to match. THANK YOU!


7 thoughts on “Race for Borneo

    • Andrew, the match is supposed to double people’s money after the race to encourage them to donate. Well done for donating earlier – thank you. Any chance of a further small donation?


  1. My son is the one who has raised and donated £700 but he is soon to donate another £60 so he would love you to double that for him!


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